Siberian Bushing

Siberian Bushing 15-20-3700 Polyurethane bushings set steering rack, set of 4 pcs. pcs

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package: 4pcs.

Used on the following cars:

FORD EXPLORER (USA) [2005.07 - 2010.12]
FORD EXPLORER SPORT TRAC (USA) [2006.01 - 2010.11]
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER (USA) [2005.07 - 2010.12]


6L2Z 3504-AA (FORD)
6L2Z 3C716-AA (FORD)
6L2Z 3C716-AB (FORD)
7A2Z 3504-A (FORD)
7A2Z 3504-B (FORD)
7L2Z 3504-A (FORD)
7L2Z 3504-B (FORD)
8A2Z 3504-A (FORD)
8A2Z 3504-ARM (FORD)
8A2Z 3504-B (FORD)
8L2Z 3504-A (FORD)
8L2Z 3504-ARM (FORD)
8L2Z 3504-B (FORD)